Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Random Assortment

~ A novel dress (heh heh)

~ On bat language.

~ Who will be the first lady? By the way, a very small, tangentially political point: I sort of love that Melania is staying put so as not to move her son in the middle of the school year.

~ Aziz Ansari on Trump.

~ Simcha on miscarriage.

~ AJ on the Doomsday clock: Doomsdumb. And here:

Moreover, now that climate change has entered in a major way into their thinking, the “ticking clock” metaphor has lost its fit to the circumstances. It was a good, strong image in the days of the Cold War, when the perceived danger was a nearly-simultaneous firing of nuclear weapons that could destroy a large part of human civilization in a just few hours. But when you’re trying to think about the consequences of anthropogenic climate change, the idea of a clock ticking down to midnight is meaningless. What would “midnight” be? The effects of such alterations to the ecosphere may indeed be vast, but “vaster than empires and more slow,” as the poet says, unfolding over centuries and millennia.

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