Thursday, February 16, 2017


Was there a time before this cold?

On the positive side, colds used to exhaust me and really knock me out. Now I couldn't tell you what it felt like not to have one.


Hannah said...

:-( We have had quite a week ourselves. Stomach bug. Started with Zork. Then Jayber and I at the same time. Zork is still struggling. Took a trip to the ER last night. He's doing better, but not great. Doc appointment this afternoon. Hoping it clears up soon! The major blessing in all of this is that Harriet has somehow, miraculously, stayed healthy the whole time. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Emily Hale said...

Oh my goodness--I've been wondering how you guys are doing and it sounds like you're even worse off than we are. That sounds terrible! It is unacceptable for both parents to be sick at once!! I hate hearing about seriously ill babies and ER trips--we'll be praying for him and hope he gets better quickly.