Thursday, March 30, 2017


After a tornado warning today--during which I made my (small) class retreat from our largely windowed classroom to my more smally windowed office--and after hail (during which we fear for our car's life), this (double) rainbow at sunset was a welcome sight.

I think two things made it especially vibrant--it came out just as the sun was going down, so it almost glowed with the evening sun; and it's so darn flat here, that you could see both ends of the rainbow and everything in the middle. It was a huge circle in the sky; rainbows I've seen in the past have always been partially buried by the hills.

These are just quick phone pics. Please don't judge.

The guy and I were so happy to see it that we got the not-yet-sleeping, but in-bed kid and showed him his first rainbow. "Oh!" he said with a smile. "A rainbow! It's pink!"

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Hopkins said...

Soooo lovely