Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chicago, Hull House

Unfortunately, I don't know how to rotate this picture. A tile depiction of Hull House. Full of life.  

Did you know that Hull House used to have a whole block of community buildings? I didn't. The house itself and the dining hall are all that remain.

Decorations on the kids' cubbies at the kindergarten. I've never seen cubbies this great. 

There were pictures of the original wallpaper and it was great--some was made by William Morris's daughter.

Mail slots with push pin marks.

What a great office. 

Addams' bedroom. I love wallpaper. 

Art by a WPA artist. 

Dining hall. 

Hull House. 

Dining hall. 

Overall, what an inspiring place. And what a center of philosophy, art and culture--John Dewey and Frank Lloyd Wright were often there, among many others.

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