Thursday, March 9, 2017


We took the Hoosier State train to Chicago last week. It's an old train that took its last trips in February. It has a very civilized dining car where we had breakfast.

We had only a short day in Chicago--we went to mass, went out for Middle Eastern food for lunch, saw what the kid and I called "the big kidney bean," which he loved and tried to eat. And watched the ice skaters.

We found a wonderful playground, which the kid also loved.

We stopped by the beautiful Cultural Center, where there was some African dancing, which entranced us all.

We stopped for tea and coffee at Intelligentsia, before grabbing slices for dinner and catching the train home.


Miss Self-Important said...

I got married at the Cultural Center!

Did you go to the Intelligentsia in the Monadnock Building in downtown?

Emily Hale said...

Ha--i was looking up my last visit to the cultural center and you made the same comment:) beautiful building!!

Not on that trip but today we did. That's your preferred intelligentsia?

Miss Self-Important said...

I think the one on Broadway in Lakeview is the original, but it's usually more crowded than this one. Plus, the Monadnock building is important in Chicago history - the tallest office building of its time, I think, and designed by Burnham and Root. And you can see how that worked before they totally figured out the steel frame when you're in the Intelligentsia, b/c the walls are like five feet thick in there.