Friday, April 21, 2017


Seattle, a great conference, and a camera. That combination makes me perfectly happy.

I know, I know--too many pictures. I can't help it.

Highlights: Reading Muriel Spark's Aiding and Abetting by the water. (Why have I not read all Sparks? They're perfect--this one is a psychological mystery with some religious mysticism thrown in.)

Also, a visit to the SAM, where I stumbled again upon my favorite--a thirteenth century painting of Christ being whipped. So overcome with devotion to Christ, one of the painting's early viewers gouged out the eyes of the men beating Christ.

Also, visiting the sculpture park. Which is sort of ugly, but a nice walk--my first time there.

Oh, and an incredible seafood dinner on the water at sunset.

Above: That's gum. Gross!

I told the kid before I left that I was sorry to leave him and that I'd miss him and he said (in less sophisticated language): "I know! I will come and daddy will come--we'll all go!" His face lit up as if he'd solved the problem. So sweet.


Cardigan said...

EH, did you already read Loitering with Intent? Also a psychological thriller with religious intrigue. Sometimes I forget which MS you gave me and which ones I found in a used book store.

Emily Hale said...

No! Need to buy new bookshelves first so I can unpack my books and find it!!