Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Flowers at the Art Museum

We walked, strollerless, through the lovely gardens at the art museum in Indy. It's just the beginning of the flowers, but what a great way to welcome the spring.

The kid loved the many fountains. He also loved when we gave him his own museum tag. He carried all the sticks he could find--his arms were full of them. Heaven forbid he just choose one.

Last time we went to the art museum, we tried to get him hot chocolate for a treat. But, much to his consternation, the machine was broken. This time he remembered that and excitedly demanded a hot chocolate. He insisted that the machine was not broken anymore, and he was right. Who am I to say no to a kid who likes chocolate? Even if his wishes aren't exactly seasonal.

There's also a cool old Lilly mansion you can tour, and loads of orchids in the greenhouse. Not saying that that flower above is an orchid, because I don't think it is, just that there were plenty. And I don't know, maybe it is.


Hannah said...

Your kid's sticks are my kid's rocks. We find them everywhere...and "heaven forbid he choose just one"!!

Sounds like a lovely day.

Emily Hale said...

:) Boys! (Maybe girls, too--I don't know!)

Hopkins said...

It is an orchid!

Emily Hale said...

Good to know:)