Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beach Reading

Wise Blood

Wow--O'Connor is amazing--every word perfectly in its place. And oh what mystery. The irony, the humor, the intelligence, the subtlety. I don't think any words I have to talk about this book are adequate. Plus I never really begin to get O'Connor until I'm several readings in. It's an odd book, but somehow her telling of this odd story makes it feel less strange than it is.

That Nothing May Be Lost

I'm only halfway through and happy to have more to read. How wonderful it is to have a friend who writes a book. (I mean, I have plenty of friends who write books, but the academic sort aren't actually meant to be read.) Anyway, it's like being back in NoVa and getting to go to the nicest Catholic church around, to hear the best homilies. Clearly, Fr. S (I forgot his old blog name) is well-steeped in the scriptures and in the Catholic tradition.


I got to hear the author read from this book last year, and she mentioned in her talk that a couple of people I know a little bit are characters in the book. Well, they don't appear until near the end, and it's an odd book, but it was well worth reading just for their appearance. I would love to be a character in a book. Take note, dear readers who might also be aspiring writers.

Anyway, this book is weird--it's meditative and stream of consciousness and really meant to be read out loud. It's sort of great--it's a meditation on the ending of love and on identity after child-birth (and of course on the tension between work and care) (I love that stuff). 

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