Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus diaries, Day 11

Our art project today, which the baby got unexpectedly into. He really loves to draw.

This was our first day home as a whole family (with just three hours of babysitter). We'll try it again tomorrow and then, who knows? I'm trying to figure out ways to make my job take less time. But "do a bad job at everything" doesn't come easy. That's not a humble brag--I just like feeling well ordered and on top of things. I hate feeling like I could have prepared more for class and taught my students better. It really kills me.

Here's some reading for these times:

What Our Contagion Fables are Really About (I still really need to read Blindness).

We Should All Be More Like the Nuns of 1918.

The Saint Who Stopped an Epidemic is on Lockdown at the Met. We need more saints and more art. (I guess the kind above counts.)

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