Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things I don't mind that other people seem to mind:

--not watching movies in the theater: In fact, oftentimes a tiny portion of my computer screen is just fine.

--non-seasonal food: Sure, I know that tomatoes are better in the summer than in the winter, but sometimes I want some tomato on my sandwich in the winter. And sometimes I want grilled cheese and tomato soup in the middle of the summer when it's 100 degrees outside. And sometimes I want pink wine in January. Also: my food doesn't have to match the time of day in which I eat/drink it.

--cold food: Probably 90 percent of foods I prefer cold. I just finished some cold oatmeal that I couldn't get down this morning and I realized that I probably like oatmeal cold more than hot. Other foods I like cold: All leftovers, canned soup, canned raviolis, canned green beans, pizza.

I realize that from this list it sounds like I'm a terrible eater, and this may be the reason that every time I speak to Mama Leopard she asks me what I'm eating and if it's healthy. But I will have you know that at the moment I'm on a health food kick and aside from McDonald's when I'm traveling and the ungodly amounts of chocolate the I consume, you should all be incredibly proud of me. I even ate a bran muffin with my coffee the other day!