Wednesday, September 13, 2017

San Francisco

I evidently didn't make anything like the appropriate amount of time for walking around, taking pictures.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dear Diary

Today was a good day:

A friend read an article I wrote, unprovoked, which has, to my knowledge, never happened before. And he said that it was good that I wrote it, which is about as big of a compliment that one can expect about academic gibberish. (I am proud of the topic, but not about my writing abilities, nor about the academic form. Incidentally, JVS used to suggest that I stick to essays, which sadly isn't feasible anymore, as far as I can tell.)

A student claimed that reading Socrates in my class "almost makes him want to be good." (I told him then I'm doing my job--or at least almost doing it.) Another told me after class that he signed up for my class just to meet a distribution requirement, but is actually excited about it after reading the syllabus.

I played tennis in the evening. I realized that I have no outlet for my competitiveness, in addition to far too little physical activity. It was incredible, even though the woman who was 80 was probably better than I am.


"Tell me now first whether a man who has an itch and scratches it and can scratch to his heart's content, scratching his whole life long, can also live happily."

--Socrates in the Gorgias

Teaching this stuff to my students today, I of course announced that I have a rash (which shall be ranted about later on this blog) and the idea of an itchy person being happy is ridiculous. I am truly an embarrassing compulsive oversharer.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Food Blogging

Guys: I added a green pepper and an onion and fennel to the sausage gravy recipe that goes with biscuits and it is (if it were possible) vastly improved. Next time I'll add two green peppers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


32 months

The kid accidentally called it Saint Mother's Day. I think that's fitting. 

33 months

He's basically potty trained! A couple of weeks ago there was some breakthrough and he started peeing pretty consistently on the potty (he'd been doing this at home for some time). This week there was some breakthrough and he finally started pooping on the potty. I'm thrilled. 

Horses are his absolute favorite. Especially brown horses.

"Can I pet him?" about his new girl cousin. When I asked the kid what he thought about her, he said, "She's not good." Also: "Put her down. Hold me." 

After briefly (less than five minutes) being freaked out by the ocean and sand, he loved it.
34 months

He asked if he could plant the flowers in a vase. Another time he said he was going to "vase the flowers." 

He said, "trust me, it's a sheep."

He calls it a "cellaphone."

35 months

At night, while trying to keep him in bed, he complained, "I company." I asked him what company means and he said, "It means you're sad and alone." I think he meant that he wants company or that he's lonely. Anyway, it's a whole new emotion. 
​I guess not surprisingly, my favorite part of motherhood is all of the book reading. And Winnie-the-Pooh is the best. (It's my first time through.)

The constant barrage of ​(really intelligent) questions has begun. 

He's had a really wonderful summer with his Nana and other relations. 

Everything that he gets his hands on becomes a train or a car in a train--tractors, a guitar, cars, trucks, etc. He connects them all. 

We got towed--this was, according to the kid at the end of the day, a "nice adventure." He got to ride, carseat-less, in the front of the tow truck, because I sure as heck wasn't going to wait around for more than 45 minutes on the side of the road. 

Everything is peanut butter and jelly right now--he would be happy with it three times a day if we let him, which we don't. 

Stuttering--he's done normal little kid brain-moving-too-fast-for-his-mouth for some time now. But this past weekend, when we moved back to the midwest and started a new school on consecutive days, it really took off. It breaks my heart when he says, "w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w ... what am I saying mama?" He knows it's different and doesn't know why it's happening. And can't always get the words out. (That worrying stuttering was short-lived, it turns out--a week, I'd say.)

The kid: I'm sick; I'm sick!
​Me: ​
Ok so you don't want cinnamon roll?
​The kid: ​
I'm *not* sick. *After* I have cinnamon roll I'll be sick.
​(Turns out he really is a little sick, which I discovered after I insisted that he eat his lunch.)​

He's been at his new preschool for two weeks and tonight he pretended to be a flag holder and recited the whole pledge of allegiance (which he's only heard there) pretty well. The best parts: "repuglic" and "liverpea and justice for all." 

And today's his birthday--three years of Bomba. And we're (fingers crossed!) quitting nursing. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bored to Death

We rewatched this show this summer. Why watch new tv when you can watch the good old stuff again?

Bored to Death is about a novelist who is struggling to write his second book and instead spends his time as a detective-for-hire who picks up clients on craigslist. And I mean picks up clients. His mentor is an editor at a GQ-esque magazine. His best friend is a cartoonist.

The show is silly and literary and really, it's just the best. I think I need to watch it again. My only complaints: The episodes are too short, and there are too few seasons.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cape May.2

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Cape May

These pictures are of Cape May, but we actually stayed a couple miles away this year in a tiny town nearby, which was--if it is possible--even more charming than Cape May.

The town we stayed in was very residential, with a general store (with a great restaurant), a town green, and a ton of little churches in the center.

One day we walked by the green to find a community soccer game going on. Tons of people, of all ages and levels of ability, were on the field. Everyone on the sideline was cheering them on. A man rode up with a younger boy on a bicycle built for two. A baby played in a playpen on the side.

The day we were leaving was the day of the town bazaar. It was, I think, the beginning of the high beach season, and everyone was greeting each other for what seemed to be the first time that summer. Everyone was enthusiastic and the relationships seemed to be old ones.

We were thrilled to buy the books and flea market stuff for sale (people in this town read and then sell Nozick, for instance). And the community spirit! This was really the Tocquevillian vacation spot.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017


So much more food in the Prospect Park farmers market than the one in our little town. That makes total sense, just not something I would have anticipated.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Horseshoe Curve

We stopped at Horseshoe Curve (earlier Francisco had taken Chester to the Railroad museum and admission to the curve was included).

Basically, it's railroad tracks in horseshoe shape--a 220 degree curve.

We don't super highly recommend it--you can go to a little vista which isn't too special (according to Francisco--I did not pay to go). There's an itsy bitsy incline that you can ride.

BUT--a really, really long train came when we were there and it was pretty cool. From our position in the center of the curve at the bottom, we were totally surrounded by train.

Here are some pictures--not mine:

And from the air:

And I'm not sure if this video (of the train all around us) will work, but here it goes: