Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday on the Severn

In addition to being the site of the worst fall of my life (slipped on the boat ramp/look slightly like I've been beat up and am currently typing without the use of my right thumb; I think it was actually a worse fall when I was little and a very young Papa Leopard thought it would be fun for Stearns and I to sail down our winding driveway in our red wagon), the Severn River was also the site of some fabulous summertime activities: crabbing and sailing.

And this massive, scary spider. Ewww. I need a zoom lens so I don't have to get quite so close to my subjects.

Whigwam and his fiance were delightful hosts--they took us out sailing in their Sunfish, even though there was just a little wind. (I'm really jealous of their apartments, which are both on the Severn River--that's right--this is not a lake!)

And they taught us how to catch crabs off their pier with a chicken leg tied to a piece of twine. (The hard part is catching it in the net before it knows what's happening. Once, we caught three from one piece of chicken! Another time, we left the chicken leg down there too long and all the meat was gone when we pulled it up!)

And then they cooked up the catch. Above: his and hers: crabs and hush puppies. Talk about fresh crabs! I was half afraid they'd start moving again on the plate.

And then we sat at the picnic table by the lake river and feasted until it was too dark to see.

(In Hopkins' words and pictures here.)

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