Sunday, September 16, 2012

St. Louis

Here are a side entrance and steeple to a St. Louis church.

I was a bit early to a dinner and so was just wandering around Maplewood.

This is from the St. Louis balloon race. I was attending a conference in town, so I, unfortunately, missed the festivities. But I saw some of the balloons racing on my way to Trader Joe's (hence the horrible picture).

It isn't entirely clear to me how the balloon race works. I guess it's hard to maneuver hot air balloons or get them to do what you want them to do. I think they're like cats. So it seems like mostly luck. And supposedly it involves a rabbit balloon that gets released first. Afterward, the rest of the balloons chase the rabbit and the one that gets closest wins. If you, my dear readers, have better knowledge of hot air balloon races, do share.

The thing that I really regret not being able to see is the "glow" the night before the race. After dark, the hot air balloons light their fires and people can walk around and see them.

(Above, you can see the Energizer Bunny balloon that the other balloons chase. Sadly, the last two pictures are not mine.)

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Anonymous said...

Balloons kind of freak me out.