Thursday, September 13, 2012


There's no alcohol allowed on campus, which is surprising considering that the building next to mine is "Anheuser-Busch Hall." I half expected them to be giving away Budweisers here. #orientation

Also, the architectural style of campus is Gothic. From the website:

"In 1902, Cope explained his use of the Gothic style to the University trustees. 'Broadly speaking, the architecture of today may be divided into two styles: the Gothic and the Classic. . . .To the beholder the Classic says this is the sum—here is perfection—do not aspire further. The Gothic says to him: reach higher—spread outward and upward—there are no limitations.'"
The thing is, the overwhelming feeling I have when I'm on campus is how short the buildings are. Like four stories at the most. The Gothic on campus says to me: "Reach slightly high." Actually, it really says, "Stay close to the ground."

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