Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Union Market

Francisco and I unexpectedly and delightfully ran into Edge and J at the Folger Shakespeare Library's exhibit, London: 1500-1700 as I was distractedly taking a picture (above) and reflecting on how many couples appeared to be attending the exhibit together.

The exhibit was interesting--it traces the changes to the church, markets and theaters of London over two hundred years. Although I was irked that the exhibit proclaimed that in the "Letter Concerning Toleration," "Locke was not ahead of his time: he excluded Catholics and atheists from toleration." Now, I'm not a big fan of the fact that Locke's toleration was limited, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't ahead of his time!

After looking at the exhibit, we headed up to the brand-spanking-new Union Market, north of Capitol Hill. Quite a few stores have yet to open, but so far it looks like a fancy-pants version of Eastern Market--there's an oyster bar and an olive oil stand and some locally grown lamb sausages.

This Saturday was "Trucktober Fest" just across the street. I'm a little confused, since it's still September. I think it should be called, "Trucktember Fest," but they didn't consult me.

To be perfectly honest, that may be only the second time that I've eaten from a food truck (the first time was a super special halal cart in New York City). Anyway, the food was excellent, and so was the lemon peel ginger soda that we drank.

(Since moving to the Midwest, I've become obsessed with clouds.)

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