Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Random Assortment

~ I knew shopping was exhausting.

~ This article gently tells the story of Wally Burns, who has severe developmental disabilities and has been institutionalized for his entire life. The process of desegregation has also been traumatic for him. (The byline is, incidentally, Milledgeville, Ga., Flannery O'Connor's hometown.)

~ It sounds like having a balcony is every bit as lovely as Myrrh and I imagined: Alan Jacobs on "The Reading Place."

~ Great, just booked an American Airlines flight that gets in two hours before my class...

~ The house Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son is threatened. (There's been a deal delaying the demolition for a month.)

~ Speaking of Frank Lloyd Wright, I'm dying to see this exhibit of his collection of Japanese prints. Good thing Chicago is so close to STL. Too bad 90% of my weekends are booked. 

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