Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Zoo and Cathedral

On Sunday morning before mass, we headed to the zoo to try out my birthday present--a zoom lens for Francisco's camera.

Well, and to see the hippos: ever since I saw the hippos swim like floating angels with #1tomatolover, I've been anxious to go back. Sadly, all the hippos were asleep. But they're even cute when they sleep: four or five of them were huddled close together in the water. And as you can see in the picture above, fish clean their skin as they sleep.

The Cathedral Basilica, as I've said here before, and will probably say again, is vibrant and gorgeous. 

And it seems that two of the chapels are indeed Tiffany murals, Hopkins (including the ceiling below).


hopkins said...

going to the zoo is the best! the mosaics are stunning...I think I need to come visit.

Emily Hale said...

Yes! You totally should!!

Diana said...

More info on this new lens, please!! Well done, Francisco!

Emily Hale said...

I know--he's a catch! ;) I think it's a 14-42 something lens. The one that's on the camera now is 50. So now I can do a bit of zooming without walking right up to the person and taking a picture smack in their face.