Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Diary of Early Pregnancy.2

9 weeks

--Midwives actually say "baby" and "bag of waters" just like in Call the Midwife: For instance, "Baby already broke the bag of waters." Weird! Also: midwives seem a little scary: We're hoping to use a birthing center up the road rather than a hospital, so we went to an information session there. Some of the handouts referred to the pain medications that they use (you can't get an epidural there), and so one of the attendees at the session very reasonably asked about the pain medication. The midwife replied brusquely, we only give pain medication in really extenuating circumstances; if you want pain medication, go to a hospital. 

--I think I'm getting over morning sickness already--not that it was ever more than feeling "bleh" with zero motivation. I think I'm on the upswing. 

--I haven't craved a single thing that's bad for you this whole time. 

--I miss wine. I have wanted some of that. (Later there's a positive resolution to this craving.)

--I hate the cold. It doesn't have much to do with pregnancy, but it's true.

--Interesting article on giving birth in France, since I'm obsessed with natural birth and amazed at birth costs in the U.S.

Almost 10 weeks

--Hearing the baby's heartbeat was the most incredible experience. (Francisco compared it to our wedding day--the overwhelming emotion is sort-of unexpected and just takes you by surprise.) The nurse told us that we might not hear it at all, because I wasn't yet 10 weeks along, and she told us that it would probably take several minutes to find it, if we did hear it. She moved the doppler along my stomach and we heard it--the fast 160 beats per minute--when she reached the left side. It's surreal--you're finally totally convinced that you are actually, really, truly pregnant and you have actual evidence of the little life inside. It's overwhelming and wonderful. I was happy for the rest of the day. (It sounds something like this.)

-- Francisco: "Newborns don't look like they should be out. They look like they should go back in for a while. They look soggy from being in there." 

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