Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Veronica Mars

Veronica (previously TB, but let's just admit, that's not a good blog nickname) and I finally got to watch the new Veronica Mars movie (it has been out for a whole week already!). So good.

Well, okay, aside from a love scene in which an exhausted Veronica Mars forgets about the recent tragedies in her life in order to rip (literally, break the buttons off of) the shirt of the sexy new man in her life. That was a little over the top.

But in general, it was pretty good. Very localist--the overall message is that you shouldn't leave your hometown for your careerist ambitions in the big city, but rather you should help where you are.

Also, I think that the film is not the end: in my opinion it's the perfect set-up for a new season of Veronica Mars. I don't think this is just wishful thinking (maybe it is). Her time back in Neptune could have ended nicely as just the visit home it was supposed to be, the slight break in her East Coast adventure. But it isn't--she decides to stay. The villain is set up: the corrupt sheriff, manipulated by some even bigger villain, who we don't see, is there to be fought. Weevil takes his former place at the head of a biker gang. Wallace is a teacher at Neptune High, so she can still draw on him for student records. She could have left Neptune to take care of itself, but she doesn't, and we want to be there to watch her.

There are loads of famous people with cameos in this movie. What fun. The best, though, is Dax Shepard's dancing for Veronica at a club, at which she turns up her nose. Delightful.

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hopkins said...

aaaaaaah i can't wait to see it!