Friday, May 9, 2014

Phatso's Bakery

On the way out to Winterthur, we stopped at a donut store we've been wanting to visit, Phatso's Bakery. Sadly, there are no mom and pop donut shops where we live, especially since donuts are one of Francisco's favorite things. So we try to stop off when we can.

This shop is in Chester, which I've never visited, and let's just say, the town is nothing to write home about.

I didn't take any pictures, so these are all just from the internet.
The shop, however, is. We arrived at noon and all the donuts were sold out--there were just massive empty display cases and a few workers standing around. The owner was outside, though--when he saw us, he asked if it was our first time there; when we told him it was, he instructed some of the employees to make up a couple of cream-filled and jelly-filled donuts for us. They quickly made some in the back and gave five to us for no charge.

The owner was clearly enthusiastic about his shop and his product--he was very generous and went out of his way for us. And the donuts were delicious--both Francisco and I were covered with powdered sugar. I would certainly return, although much earlier in the morning.


Julia S said...

Random fact: my Mom grew up in Chester! I know that has nothing to do with donuts, but it seemed relevant for some reason. And she also says the town is nothing to write home about, so you didn't miss anything.

Emily Hale said...

Have you been there? If not, you now have a reason to! :) On the way to see us...

I've been thinking I should write to you, actually, and wondering how you are!