Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vacation Day 1

I know this should be called a stay-cation, but that's not my favorite world. So: the vacation in which we stayed put, in honor of our anniversary. First, we were thwarted: even though it was the Fourth of July, all the breakfast places that we can walk to were already serving lunch by 10:40. So Francisco whipped us up some fancy-pants breakfast sandwiches (perhaps my ideal food, especially since I've been trying to eat a lot of protein).

Shadow picture!
Then, we headed north of Philly for some fru-fru blueberry picking (this wasn't quite the real thing: it was organic with birds nets and a too-cute market with apple cider donuts for sale--that's Francisco's ideal food).

Blueberry picking is my favorite Fourth of July-adjacent activity: I think they lose money on me, since I eat as many as I pick.

Then we headed over to the shore for a couple of hours, somewhat spur of the moment--the Fourth was overcast and rainy, but cleared up in the evening. This worked out well for our plans--the traffic wasn't bad; the beach was quiet; and no one even charged us to get out there. We got to take a walk and it was relatively cool (read: bearable for me) and enjoy the golden hour and watching some surfers.

We closed out the evening with some Mexican food for Francisco (his other ideal food. Since we haven't found any Mexican that's good in Philly, we make a point to stop for it when we travel), and a fireworks-studded drive home. Seriously: we felt serenaded by fireworks the entire way--there was one point at which we were on a bridge crossing from NJ to PA with quite a view, and we could see a dozen displays erupting simultaneously. Incredible.

P.S. Oh my goodness--the Jersey Shore is so stereotypically the Jersey Shore--we passed so many party houses full of 20-somethings. I don't even know how to describe it--there were loads of overly tanned people looking for love or at least a good time.

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