Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vacation Day 2

We realized in many of our anniversary activities that we're pretty nerdy--all the tours that we went on for fun were either just us or just us and some people who were much older. First, we toured Cedar Grove, a historic Quaker home in Fairmount Park.

And in the process we came across this arch (there were two--one on either side of the road):

We had lunch at the Victoria Freehouse in Old City, where I learned that, due to not really drinking for that last 32 weeks, I can get nearly tipsy on 5 sips of Chiswick Ale (which we drank in honor of the town/tube stop we stayed at in London during our last visit) (I love to annoy Francisco and pronounce the "w").

Then we headed over to one of my favorite little museums in Philadelphia, the Rosenbach.

The Rosenbach is a rare books library set in a lovely old house (two brothers lived there together--one was one of the foremost rare book dealers in America in his time; the other was an antique dealer; needless to say, their house is lovely).

They also have Marianne Moore's papers and her living room, which I think is exactly my style of decorating. I would be perfectly happy to live in her living room (complete with her T.S. Eliot footstool and her e.e. cummings birthday card).

Not my picture.

Sadly, we missed out on the all-you-can-eat ice cream festival, which is, in my opinion, the ideal pregnant woman activity. Francisco tried to make up for it by buying me a Bassett's ice cream cone (which is an old, much-loved Philly brand of ice cream). And by buying me my own half-gallons for home. It only partially made up for it, though.

And then we went to a used bookstore. Used bookstores are fraught places for us in that we love them, but we have no more room for books on our shelves. Before our recent move, we gave them boxes and boxes and boxes of books that we weeded out, and then got 200 dollars in store credit. The problem is, now we are buying more books. (We moved from a house with ample built in bookshelves to a place in which we had to rely on our own measly ten sets of bookshelves.)

Also, Francisco is the best at anniversary gifts ever:

(I don't have a lot of experience, so really I'm just making that up, but he makes me very happy.)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Post! I'm so glad you both like history and architecture. And the anniversary gifts ARE lovely, although I hope that's not why he makes you happy.

--Mama Leopard