Friday, August 22, 2014

A Diary of Pregnancy

38 weeks:

~ Everything aches.

~ I have a severely inny belly button. It is still an inny. I keep waiting for it to pop, but I'm beginning to suspect it never will.

~ No Group B strep! This makes me so happy as I don't think I've ever had antibiotics and was nervous that I would now have to have them. (When the presence of Group B strep is found, antibiotics are routinely given in labor and a third of women have it!)

~ My (very young) hairdresser asked today if the baby was expected or a surprise. Hilarious question from someone I've never met before in my life! (An aside: I do not enjoy having my hair cut, unless it's by one of the girls who I grew up with who give me all the local gossip when I visit my hometown. I never dry my hair, so why would I want a hair cutter to dry it? That's what the plain old air is for. She made it straight as a stick. Francisco says I look like I could run for mayor. He also says I should dry my hair more often.)

~ My friend here who has 5 little kids said to me the other week, "You must be at the point where you just hate everyone." When she said it, I didn't really know what she meant. But yes--I'm definitely at the point where I just hate everyone (and, honestly, it makes me feel better that she said it first). Incidentally--everyone keeps telling me to take lots of dates with my husband now, while we still can. But what they don't understand is that it's pretty difficult for me to be pleasant during those dates, because everything aches.

~ Francisco has recently named himself Chief Security Officer of our house, and he is taking security more seriously than ever: he's worrying about the strings on our Venetian blinds being too long (the baby isn't born yet, not to mention entirely unable to crawl around), he's worrying that any pictures hung in our room might fall on the baby, and he announced to me last night that he'd like to get a weapon--he's thinking a steel baseball bat. Note: he does not need a weapon to protect himself or me, but rather to protect Baby Leopard. Men have their own kind of nesting.

~ I've decided to call these the last days. As the Bible says,
"However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows."
~ Francisco apologized for only picking up one half-gallon of ice cream (not two). Such a man.

~ I'm so tired. I've definitely never been this tired before: I have 2 good hours in the morning, and then I'm back to feeling tired for the rest of the day.


Diana said...

I'm getting so excited!!

Emily Hale said...

Yeah--sustaining this level of anticipation is exhausting!