Friday, August 15, 2014


It turns out thrifting is even better if it's with your sisters. When Stearns visited, in the midst of our cooking madness, we stopped at lots of neighborhood thrift stores.

I found this for the baby/guest room. I find it charmingly Puritan and idiosyncratic (my theory is, it was made by a young girl who didn't quite get all her letters right). (Incidentally, it is exactly the same as this one, so maybe that theory doesn't work.)

I love this enamel pitcher, which now belongs to either Stearns or me. I think it's sublime, as were these gladiolas. They made me feel like a very rich person in a very grand house. Rich people have big flowers, right?

Francisco was interested in champagne glasses, so I was excited to find these, which I can't wait to put to use to celebrate the baby.

Speaking of, I found him a little toy.

This isn't from thrifting--it's from frantic nesting, which, who knew, can include crafting. Since Baby Leopard's father likes trains, I'm assuming that he will, too. 


hopkins said...

gladiolas and champagne coupes are riches enough for me.

Emily Hale said...

Ohhhh...I was wondering what the actual name of those champagne things is! I remember you like champagne that way.

Diana said...

I wish I could have been there for some sister nesting time! Well done, Stearns, for all that cooking.
Also, we used champagne coupes at a small restaurant in Kraków this week as we had a nice pre-wedding glass of bubbles. The only problem is that the wider mouth means the bubbles evaporate faster. If you leave them in the glass, that is. :)

Emily Hale said...

Yeah--I think you have to do smaller pours or drink faster:)