Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Comes to 221B

Since we're leaving for our Christmas travels (to see Francisco's family) a while before Christmas, I gave myself permission to decorate early. Since our landlord prohibited live Christmas trees, I bought a small fake one at a thrift store. (Honestly, we only followed the rule because we also had nowhere in the whole apartment to put anything bigger than this tiny little guy. And because I'm scared to death of disobeying the rules after our scarring landlord experience while at the May of Teck.)

Our tree has an ornament for the baby and for our wedding on it, new this year. And the calla lilies (above) have since been replaced with advent candles.

Francisco and I came home from a date to this photo on the camera--Stearns and Ilana dressed Baby Leopard up as Baby Jesus and added him to the creche.


Hannah said...

Lovely! Since we are moving this coming weekend, we have decided to hold off the decorations until we are in the new together, our decoration timing evens out! :-)

That's an adorable Jesus, if I do say so. I once read a story about a Catholic family that acted out the Nativity story every Christmas. And with 10 kids, they always had a baby/toddler in the house to play the part of Jesus.

Emily Hale said...

Oh my goodness! I hope that your move goes well! Yeah--I certainly wouldn't want to decorate twice, but if I were moving, I don't think Christmas decorations would be on my list at all!

Thanks! My cousins have acted out the nativity for years on Christmas Eve and, yeah, especially the family with 8 kids has been pretty good at providing lots of Baby Jesus's:)