Saturday, March 28, 2015


I went to confession this afternoon and the priest suggested that for my penance I do something nice for someone. I have determined that I don't really care for these really vague penances.

Doesn't he know that I have a baby? (Yes, I told him I've got one.) I am too busy to "do something nice for someone": my day is chock full of doing nice things for one particular little person.

My day went something like this: Oh, you feel like waking up now? Sure, I'll wake up with you and hang out. Oh, you need your diaper changed? Sure, I'll get that for you. Oh, you're hungry? Again? Every two hours, without break, even in the middle of the night. Sure, anytime. Oh, you bloodied your sock by chewing on it while teething? Let me soak that for you. (On other days it's his outfit he's pooped through or spit up all over or whatever.) You'd like some real food? Done: let's inoculate you against peanut allergies and see if we can't get rid of the dairy allergy. You get the picture.

I'd rather be assigned a few prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that Priest really heard from God. He probably knew that it would take a miracle to perform the the prayers were automatic!
I love my daughter,
Papa leopard

Emily Hale said...