Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I've been meaning to mention: There's a new "restaurant" in our neighborhood called, "Fuel." It's tagline is: "Everything under 500 calories." A) I think it needs a new name, because fuel is precisely what it isn't. B) I would never, ever eat there, because I assume it's a scam: it takes your money and gives you no energy in exchange. C) This made me think of you, Frankincense, who I think once said, quite aptly, on twitter, "I like my food to have calories." And the more, the better, in my opinion!


Frankincense said...


The only excuse is if they charge very, very little. And in fact bill themselves as a snack bar. Less than 500 calories is a SNACK.

Let's go egg the building.

Emily Hale said...

Ha--they'd hate eggs: too calorie dense.