Thursday, July 30, 2015


[Please forgive the absence of pictures; I just can't manage it. Also because lately Baby Leopard has been making all these fantastic expressions--raised eyebrows, surprise, concern, interest, curiosity. Pictures just can't capture them. Clearly video is necessary.]

9 months old: He's been out now as long as he'd been in. 

He had his first bumped head at daycare. Of course Francisco and I panicked and googled everything --you're supposed to put ice on his head for an hour. Haha--yeah right--this kid has opinions and won't allow anything on his head that he doesn't want. And you're not supposed to let him sleep. (I suspect this has been discredited.) Because yeah, when it's passed nap time, you can't keep a kid awake!

He loves his books. He crawls over to the book box, pulls one out, and turns the pages. This is Francisco's favorite thing that Baby Leopard does. 

9.5 months: Baby Leopard pulled himself up to standing for the first time ever (to get close to me while I was laying on the couch). I don't think I've ever been this proud. 

9.75 months: This is a horrible stage: We put him in his crib, he pulls himself up and doesn't know how to lay back down. It's been several hours of trying to convince him to take a nap and no luck. It feels like this will last forever; I know it won't. But boy, we leave for vacation tomorrow and it would be nice if this weren't happening right now. 

10 months: Separation anxiety has set in. When we drop him off with his caregiver, whom he loves, he cries and crawls toward me. I have to drive away listening to his cries. (I know that he stops soon after I leave, but it's emotionally hard to go.)

He is exploring everything--opening all cabinets, pulling himself up to standing every chance he gets. Pulled the kitchen door open, despite being latched to the wall (he simply tore the latch out of the wall--I don't have any idea how we'll fix the door so that he can't destroy it). It's a terror. We need to do another level of childproofing to make it possible to be in this house with him. 

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