Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Orange Watermelon
After some time, I finally gave in to my husband and agreed to join a CSA. My thoughts:

I guess it gets you to eat things you wouldn't eat otherwise, like kiwiberries (which I didn't previously know where a thing) and turnips (which are incredibly delicious the way that Francisco cooks them, but I don't think I'd had before--they tasted like little burnt marshmallows).

However: Boy did they send us watermelons. I love watermelons, but Francisco only takes a few bites, so after a summer of eating about six watermelons all by myself, I can't even look at one.

And what's up with the oddly colored foods? Orange watermelon? Yellow tomatoes? Purple and yellow striped green beans?! There's a reason that we call them green beans, and I don't really want to pay more for my food so that it comes in interesting colors.

Also: I just don't believe in this "Community Supported Agriculture" BS. Ours is run by a middleman who gathers the items in the share from various farms. I'm not really paying into a farm and suffering in their lack and reaping in their plenty! I'm just paying top dollar for items from lots of organic farms in Lancaster. And when it's been grey outside that week, they just get to rip me off even more. I don't believe that this middleman is out to help both the farmers and the nice people of the Main Line. The middleman is out to make money, and I'm sure they're doing it.


Hannah said...

Aww, that's too bad! Our CSA is great and we feel very confident that we really are helping to support the Amish farmers and their families. Although, they do a pretty good job of balancing the foods we get. And while they do have some unique things sometimes, the foods are mostly normal. I'm sorry you haven't had a great experience, but I don't blame you; I think I would feel the same way!

Emily Hale said...

Ha. I thought of you when I was writing this. It would be great to get one straight from the farms (my sister worked on one of those this summer). Less great to get one from a middleman.