Thursday, September 10, 2015


11 and a half months. Pointing--all the time, at everyone.

Francisco and I swear he took a step or a step and half last night. 

He stopped taking a bottle and a pacifier (after three weeks of being with his mama 24/7). This would be less of a big deal if he knew how to use a sippy cup or a straw cup. The thing he's best at is an open cup, but he's not too good. This makes me very anxious about his hydration when I leave him at daycare. I guess it solves the problem of weaning him from those things later. 

1 year. He's taking lots of steps everywhere. He loves pushing his stroller as a walker. (He just loves being vertical.) He started putting things into containers (instead of only taking them out)--we found a toy in the trash can. He gets really excited when he sees a dog, but doesn't want to pet the dog, just to point at it with eyebrows raised.

He can say lots of words: "Ba" for "ball"; "sh" for "shoe"; "hot"; "ba" for "book." And obviously "mamama" and "dat." 

He's been screaming bloody murder every night as soon as he realizes that he's being put to bed. 

He's a pro traveler at this point, but it doesn't make traveling easy: six hours on a plane with a little boy who just wants to move around is exhausting. 

He calmly ate fist-fulls of cake for his birthday (and really enjoyed it).


Miss Self-Important said...

How do you distinguish the "ba's"?

Emily Hale said...

Ha. I distinguish depending on whether we're near a book or a ball. (It's not very high-level communication.)