Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Random Assortment

~ I think this is the best thing I've read about Trump:

Branding, Mr. Trump’s specialty, is the capitalist version of transubstantiation. The businessman-celebrity bestows his blessing on a humble slab of meat and lo, it becomes a Trump Steak. The word made flesh, water and wine — from a candidate who once referred to the New Testament book as “Two Corinthians.” It was like the wedding at Cana meets the miracle of loaves and fishes, had they been catered by Ruth’s Chris.
~ It makes me so happy that my favorite indy film awards selected a film that I think is particularly great: Mad Max: Fury Road.

~ Trying to get myself energized for spring cleaning:

But thinking of the ladies and men of Bloomsbury, who never lived a day without others arranging those little but crucial things of their lives, I think they missed something, perhaps the very thing they sought—something of life, something of freedom. To leave the ordering of our house to others, I think, is not merely to leave behind an interesting opportunity for reflection, but to abdicate the very ground of thought. It risks leaving behind our thoughts’ very integrity. And so I for one counsel you to take up the mop, or at any rate to make your bed, not as nostalgia or from sentiment but, lest you in the rush of days lose your mind, the thing you wanted, after all.

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