Monday, March 21, 2016


16 months

Baby Leopard did the impossible: after a bath and before bedtime, while we were listening to some calming music, he buried his head in my shoulder and stayed there for 10 sublime minutes. This is the first time he cuddled me for more than 15 seconds--and when he was little doesn't count, because that cuddling was forced by the fact that he couldn't move. Our only real cuddling is during nursing--sometimes that's peaceful, and sometimes it's him trying to grab and twist and otherwise terrorize me. But this was pure bliss. 

17 months

He has begun saying goodbye. He'll put several things in a bag, and then wave and say, "bye-bye" and then walk toward the door and try the handle. Or he'll put his hat on, and maybe attempt an arm in his coat, and then say, "bye-bye" and walk toward the door. 

He just climbed out of his crib, opened his door and walked out into the living room (at 9 p.m.). Goodness gracious--this is a brave new world. 

Ah 18-month sleep regressions: everything we've been doing, which has been working decently sleep-wise, has all started to fail, and Little Leopard is up for three hours in the middle of the night screaming. Your timing isn't great--I've got to finish this paper, and I'm oh so tired. 

18 months

When we were visiting NYC, he kept pointing at the little dogs that people were walking and saying, "Kitty!"

He loves an old key I let him use (when supervised)--he tries to unlock the door with it. 

He's learning new words at the speed of light. Key, door, cracker, goat, peas, apple, tractor, truck, tracks, and about a thousand others. He's connecting words, too: "two ball" "daddy shoes" and "all done, mama" (his most commonly used phrase, which sometimes becomes "all done, bamba"). His favorite word (and place!) is "outside." He says it about a thousand times a day. 

Oh my goodness. We've had about 10 days of grumpiness from out of nowhere. Little Leopard has basically never been fussy in his life and now he melts down at the drop of a pin: seriously, if something drops in a place that he doesn't prefer, he might start crying. I miss my charming, delightful, happy son. Who traded us this inferior version? 

18.5 months

The grumpiness has calmed down a bit. What was that even? Glad to be around my charming, funny, and only slightly manipulative son again. 

Last night was his first night sleeping through the night, if by sleeping, we count only two bouts of crying, which ended on their own, without mama or daddy needing to intervene. Let's celebrate! (I had, before having my own baby, had wildly misguided ideas about how long it takes to get to this point--someone told me six weeks...)


Hannah said...

Some wonderful milestones!! The talking is fun :-) I love having conversations with Zork (but I do often tire of the repetition). FYI, I was told that "terrible twos " is actually 1.5-2.5 years old (or so) so you might be starting to experience that. My biggest piece of advice is to be sure to "fill his tank" - let him "overhear" you telling daddy some great thing LL did that day, let LL push you over or some other thing that makes him feel strong or do a little recap before bed about his day and what he did and the ways he did well...for a few examples! I have found those things to help.

Oh how I know what you mean about missing your sweet boy!! Zork has been fairly difficult lately and I find myself thinking the same thing - I miss him!! I hope my sweet little boy comes back soon...I still see him every once and a while.

Sounds like you have a fun, funny, smart little guy!

Emily Hale said...

A whole year of terrible twos--oh no!!

Good advice. We've been doing a whole lot more explaining what we're up to before we do it and that seems to help with the fussiness too. Although it also takes longer...