Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beach Day

This weekend we had a wonderful (and hot!) amusement park day--Little Leopards' first--with Hannah and Whigwam and Zork and Harriet.

And the next day we took a quick day trip to Ocean Grove, an ancient Christian beach. Did you know such a thing existed?

The town is dry, there is a scripture of the day listed on the board that announces tide times, and the beach is purportedly closed till noon on Sunday. Concessions are limited and sort of wholesome--there was a man grilling out back. And there seems to be a town worship service in a Praise Pavilion for anyone who is interested. Let's just say it's a bit of an anomaly on the Jersey Shore.

These pictures aren't from Ocean Grove, but from neighboring Asbury Park, which we visited briefly until Little Leopards' tiredness prohibited it.

Asbury Park is the, let's say, artsier of the two. It's pretty great that these two places can coexist in America. I think Tocqueville would approve.

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