Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More Movies

The Final Cut

A film entirely comprised of clips of other films, edited together to form a new one. A meditation on familiar love story tropes, yet with its own story emerging from the pieces. Clever, but Francisco and I agree: It could have been shorter.

The Young Philadelphians

Well, Main Line society is the same as it ever was.

Can't quite recommend it: Paul Newman is a god and the film has its moments, but overall it is pretty predictable and moralistic and drags.

District 9

This was interesting and a little weird--I mean, it's an alien movie, so obviously. It is a thoughtful critique of contemporary culture in general and of South African apartheid and post-apartheid race relations in particular. It considers the tendency to scapegoat and create an out-group and reveals our own tendency to see people in terms of stereotypes.

45 Years

Slow. I guess this was originally a short story and it shows. Maybe it could have been a bit better as a short film.

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