Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Luxuries

The two hands down best things I've done this year:

1) Buy a pair of slippers. I had always thought of this as a needless luxury, but they make my life way better.

2) Hire a house cleaner. I had resisted having someone else do what I can do for myself for a really long time. But it became pretty evident that I couldn't do this for myself, as was evidenced by my utter giving up on cleaning. Now this did not bother anyone else in our home, but me. Now, every two weeks I come home to a totally clean house. It's pure bliss.

She also rearranges things. I thought I would hate this, and I slightly do, but really, it's so comforting to have other people move your stuff into slightly better (and sometimes wrong) places. It's like having your mother visit.


Miss Self-Important said...

I love professional cleaners. But I hate not being able to find anything in my kitchen for the next three days. I also hate being at home when they come b/c I feel so guilty that I'm just sitting around and not helping to clean my own disgusting house, made disgusting by me, so I always have to flee in advance.

Emily Hale said...

Ah yeah--I've never been home for it--and am always happy to come home to a clean house at the end of the day. This week she took one of our left over jam jars and used it as a toothbrush holder. Ingenious! Before that they'd been in a paper cup (because she put them there). Before she ever came, they were just laying there.

Miriel said...

House cleaners are AMAZING. Ever since we had Gregory we have used one - the combination of two working parents + kid(s) just makes using them make so much sense.

Emily Hale said...