Sunday, September 30, 2012

Soulard Farmer's Market

The Soulard Farmer's Market came highly recommended, so I explored it this Saturday morning. It's basically the produce section of a grocery store (which is to say, not all that local) at lower prices (I'm assuming since they don't have to pay the overhead costs--the land was donated for the market in 1841, although the market has been running since 1779).

 I was surprised to see some live birds. (Do people still eat geese?)

Another surprise: Bloody Marys are a big deal at the market--you get one and carry it around with you as you shop (due to Missouri's lax open container laws, which is to say, there aren't any).


Diana said...

Mmmm, I do love a good Farmer's Market. Do you still promise to take me to the one in Lancaster some day??

Emily Hale said...

Yes! I haven't been there for so long--I'm dying to get back there! I think it might just be sentimentally wonderful to me, though, just to warn you:)

Bryan said...

My girlfriend and I raise geese for their eggs (rare, <60 annually) their watchdog-like value and their meat. We too wondered how many still go to geese for food when we saw six frozen at the grocer's. A man chanced by at the moment saying he was getting one for the novelty of it which surprised us.