Sunday, September 9, 2012


So the dissertation's done (of course, unfortunately, done is never done--now I have to try to turn it into a book, just when I wanted to never see it again).

But I'm committed to being healthier this year in every way: going to church more, spending more time with friends (this might have to be virtually since I next to no friends in STL--if you, dear reader, know of any, send them my way), buying more clothes, and working out more. Which is to say, at all. I'm planning to run more and eat better. The problem that I always run into, though, is that I am utterly convinced that chocolate and bread are really good for you. I firmly believe that.


Miss Self-Important said...

I appreciate that "buying more clothes" is an activity classed under health. I also agree that chocolate and bread, as well as much red meat and wine, conduce to health in this sense of the term.

Emily Hale said...

And wine. We're just on the edge of my seasonal switch from pink to red. I have a couple more bottles of rose with an accent mark to squeeze in.

But I never really stopped drinking that. :)

I'm still too lazy for red meat, but I should probably add cooking more to that list.

Diana said...

Happiness is good for you. If chocolate and bread make you happy, don't cut them out.