Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Random Assortment

~ For Stearns: old pocket globes.

~ H and M is making a 100 dollar wedding dress. I like it, and it isn't too wedding-y, which I also like. The only slightly awkward thing would be if lots of brides in the same dress started popping up on facebook. (So my slightly more expensive Nordstrom version is still better.)

~ The slideshow in this article about the Bill Cunningham exhibit, Facades, is great and makes me want to go see this exhibit even more.

~ "The Overprotected Kid." This is great--Hopkins sent it to me, saying it reminds her of Roxaboxen. When I was little, we had lots of time for unsupervised play in the woods behind our house (although, sadly, my siblings and I weren't joined by a lot of neighborhood kids--we had to have our friends driven over by their parents). Now that we're having a child, I wonder if we'll be able to have something similar for our child, and what sort of place to live will be best for that.

~ Wow, fracking state forests in PA? Of course we are. I admire these peoples' spiritedness, although I'm not really sure about their methods:

Workers en route Thursday morning to a gas drilling site on Dam Run Road were unable to get there because three protesters had chained and apparently cemented their arms to the interior of 12-foot-long plastic pipe that was extended across the center of the two-lane road.

Chevron pizza controversy puts southwest Pa. coal town in the spotlight:
in February, a Chevron natural gas well near Bobtown exploded, killing a young worker. Then, the company responded by giving community residents free coupons to Bobtown Pizza.

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