Friday, August 1, 2014

A Diary of Pregnancy

35 weeks: 

~ I'm convinced that Baby Leopard is going to arrive early, mostly because my maternity leave pay is less good if he arrives more than a week early. But also, the midwife thinks he's moving down a bit, which might be why my belly didn't measure any bigger at the last appointment. All I have to say is this baby better not arrive during NK's wedding, when Francisco is in LA! Because as much as I appreciate Stearns and my mother offering to be with me, I'm not sure it would work as well. 

~ We took a tour yesterday of the hospital that we'll be transferred to in the case that I need medical interventions in the birth. The very nice nurse who led the tour asked if I was using a particular birthing method or if I was just "winging it." That made me laugh really hard--yes, we're just winging it. (After 15 hours of classes, reading endless birth books, and practicing various relaxation methods, we're just going to wing it.)

~ Speaking of practicing various relaxation methods, here's a line from a relaxation script I just made Francisco read me: "Feel the deep relaxation of the left leg, from hip joint to the foot. Give your leg to the caress of gravity. Tell both legs: 'I love you. I honor you.'" I draw the line at telling my legs that I love them. Also spirit guides. I draw the line at those, too. 

~ Guys: Round ligament pain is no joke. 

~ We don't exactly have a nursery, just a nursery/guest bedroom. But I'm trying to make it baby-ready. I love these cards because they remind me of all the people who care for me and my son. And I can't wait to wrap him up in homemade blankets.

~ Francisco is obsessed with the baby, and he isn't even born. He loves talking to my stomach and then feeling the baby kick in response. I admit: I get a little jealous when he calls the baby, "Cutie," or anything that he also calls me. 

~ I'm nesting real hard. Poor Francisco couldn't figure out why I needed to go to Target. Not only did I need to go to Target, but I needed to buy most of the store. We're talking back-up toilet paper and tissues and toothpaste and floss and shampoo and soap. Anything I could conceivably run out of in the next three months during which I intend to stay locked up cozily in the house with the baby. 

Also, sadly, my nesting does not extend to me preparing and freezing healthy meals for our family, as it does for many women. Rather, I anxiously bought all of the unhealthy canned and boxed foods that I could imagine myself eating while I'm laid up with the kid--things like Chef Boyardee ravioli, an old favorite of mine, all the way to boxed macaroni and cheese, something I've eaten approximately twice in my life. It's like I'm preparing for the apocalypse or something. 

~ I am an Amazon Mom. This is a disturbing change in life status. (Also: it states clearly that fathers can join, too, so why isn't this called Amazon Parent?)

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