Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Random Assortment

~ I've been pulled over for speeding in VA and it wasn't pretty (I super luckily got off due to the officer not showing up at court). Anyway, "Never Speed in Virginia."

~ An "extreme hybrid" with 40 kinds of fruit.

~ I'm all for the free market when it comes to medicine. Heck, I think you should be able to diagnose and treat yourself if you feel like it. I'm so fed up with insurance ridiculousness.

~ Oh my. I love baby boards--the one at the birth center where I'm hoping to give birth lends it such a friendly, family feel. Of course it would be illegal:

Even if a parent sends in the photo, it is considered private unless the parent also sends written authorization for its posting, which almost no one does.
Downtown Women OB/GYN Associates, in SoHo, took down its baby wall several years ago. But staff members were flummoxed when a patient posted a picture of her baby on the office Facebook page. Was that O.K.? 
“I think we ultimately did take it down,” Alex Dettmer, the practice manager, said. “One of our compliance companies said, you might as well play it safe."

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