Monday, December 15, 2014


I write this as he's wailing--the pictures are quite a contrast.

Baby Leopard is three months now. We were at an appointment and he started laughing hysterically whenever a husky-voiced woman addressed me. This was only the second time he cracked up laughing (the first was when his grandmother and great-grandmother really got him going--right before bed, too--he didn't quiet down for hours). But this was a deep belly laugh. Francisco and I are disappointed that neither of us can get us laughing, but a stranger can. 

His hands are opening up from fists more and more--he strokes my face and hands when he's nursing. He's begun to grasp things (like my hair). I think it's time for a short haircut.

I ate dairy when I was home over Thankgiving, not massive amounts, just a little margarine in baked goods and a some milk and cheese in a strata. Well, we're all suffering from it now and I've sworn off dairy again for the rest of my life, or at least as long as I'm nursing Baby Leopard. 

I think I'm watching his eyes change from blue to brown each day this week. (Francisco says they're hazel, but they certainly aren't blue anymore.)

He's drooling a ton now (see the second picture) and blowing raspberries.

He's starting to act differently when he's at home with Francisco and me and when we're with people he doesn't know. With us, he makes lots of noises and smiles and cries. When we're out he's often much shyer and more reserved (except around the woman who makes him laugh, of course).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pics. That should keep me until you return.

Hannah said...

Aww. I love this update! :-)