Friday, March 4, 2016

What Can You Do to Stop Donald Trump?

Talking with Lawrence the other day, the question of what we could do to stop Donald Trump arose. It reminded me of Frankincense's old important question back in the day, What can we do to stop the writers' strike? (which was interrupting our tv shows). Thankfully, that one ended without our intervention. But it's not clear that this problem will.

What we need, as far as I can tell, is someone (or many people) who hear and understand the disenfranchised (at least economically) voters and can draw out of them their best selves. Someone who can address their concerns and recognize that globalism creates new problems, but can also encourage them to be generous and kind to strangers.

What politicians can do this? And what writers?


Miss Self-Important said...

This is a very earnest and sympathetic approach to the problem. I think Trump is just a metastasized species of the internet troll genus, and the way to stop him is to out-troll him. Maybe all the Bill Kristol establishment types immediately endorse him, play up how chummy they are with him ("And here's one of the Donald at my son's bar mitzvah in 1997. Look at him whacking at that pinata!"), how much a part of the establishment he is, while all the vulgar celebrities like Chuck Norris endorse other candidates. This will make him repulsive to the anti-establishmentarian types while making Rubio or Cruz attractive to them.

Emily Hale said...

Ha. And they'd have to do it with a more convincing face than Chris Christie's.