Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Children's Books

Hide and Seek Fog

It's obvious that the Caldecott Honor choosers are adults and not children, because I love this but the kid gets a little bored.
The Snowy Day

What a feast for the eyes.

Opposites, More Opposites, and a Few Differences

We love these poems, which Ilana sent. I thought it would be a long time before the kid enjoyed these, since they're pretty abstract. But he thinks they're clever. (Not that he gets them, but he likes to laugh!)

Legends of the Saints

I thought that it would take a lot longer for the kid to be interested in these, too, cause there aren't loads of pictures, but he likes them a lot.


I picked this up from the library sale (along with armfuls of other books). It's old and a little random, but I love this octopus.

Saint George and the Dragon

Thanks to this wonderful book we could convince the kid that he was a brave knight when he had to get lab work done. Duty, dragons, miraculous healing. What more could you want? (Thanks Ilana!)

Song of the Swallows

I love this. The pictures are wonderful--it's about California missions. And there's music included. (Not that I can make heads or tales of that.)


Miss Self-Important said...

I am trying to imagine a Caldecott committee made up of toddlers...

Emily Hale said...

Hilarious thought. I'd read subtle stories with pale watercolors all day. My little boy, not so much...